I’m an AADP certified Holistic Health Practitioner with a background in integrative health & nutritional coaching, herbalism & yoga. I specialize in customized skin health protocols, private health & nutrition coaching, herbal consultations and integrative skincare workshops and classes.

I completed my HHP degree at The Academy of Healing Nutrition, am a third year student at TwinStar School of Herbal and Energetic Studies, and also have a Diploma in Natural & Organic Skincare Formulation from the School of Natural Skincare.

My passion for skincare comes from the fact that you can SEE your wellness improving on your face. And who doesn’t feel inspired and motivated by that? Whether it’s under eye circles, rosacea, acne or wrinkles, it’s all just a visual indication of what’s happening deep inside your body.

After practicing my passion for natural beauty, health & wellness for the past decade, I finally left the corporate world in 2016 and launched bk apothecary, providing products and services to nurture and nourish your skin from the outside in.

My mission is to empower and inspire you to take charge of your wellness by increasing your reliance on the healing power of nature. The result will be more than just clear, radiant skin, but vibrant health and a deeper connection to nature as well.

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