immortelle dew


Allow your youthful spirit to come to the surface each day with organic immortelle dew designed for 40+ skin. This anti-aging serum tightens skin & smoothes fine lines & wrinkles. Organic oils are extracted from parts of nature’s bounty we have known since we were young – roses, avocados & macadamia nuts – to return us back to elasticity, skin cell repair and anti-wrinkling. High concentrations of palmitic acid slow down aging as it is paired alongside organic evening primrose oil. This delicate combination evens skin tone, freshens dull complexions and lifts sagging skin. We feature the rarest, most special version of the immortelle flower, also known as helichrysum, which grows wild on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. This exotic flower is known as the golden flower of healing because it is the richest and most nourishing variety that has the seemingly immortal ability to last all winter. Ensuring the beauty you started with is the beauty that remains.

Ingredients: avocado oil*, macadamia nut oil^, argan oil*, borage seed oil*, horsetail infused olive oil*, meadowfoam seed oil*, evening primrose oil*, sea buckthorn berry oil*, non-gmo vitamin e, essential oils of helichrysum*, rose*, rose geranium* and frankincense
*certified organic / ^wildcrafted

1 oz.

Directions: apply 3-6 drops to the palms of hands and massage into freshly cleansed and toned skin. follow with the moisturizer best suited to your skin type.



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